Web cookies

We use cookie technology on the web site to improve our user experience, gather information about website usage, and increase customer satisfaction. With regard to the content, we want as clear as possible what these cookies are and what their purpose is - for those cookies used on www.c21agent.si

What are web cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a web site automatically assigns or sends to a browser (if a site uses cookies). When a user visits a page with the same browser, the data is stored in the cookie that passes the browser, a site that has recognized the user's previous activity. Online cookies must not contain viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious codes.

Cookies usually include:

  • the name of the server from which the cookie was sent,
  • cookie cycle,
  • the value that is usually randomly generated is a unique number.

Type of web cookie

Permanent cookies

They remain saved even when the user closes the browser and completes the session. Sites can use them to store registration data, language selection, or traffic analysis. These cookies can be stored for several days, months, or years.

Temporary cookies

They remain saved until the user closes or ends the session. They use web sites to store temporary information. This information can be products in your shopping cart, increased network security, or visit website information.

The website www.c21agent.si uses the following cookies:

Permanent / urgent PHPSESSID (session) Necessary for working on a website and allowing you to store sessions between individual requests.
Permanent / urgent INcookiesDisable (3 months) Intended to display the web cookie notification.
Google Analytics _ga (2 years), _gid (24 hours), _gat (1 minute), _dc_gtm_* (10 minute) They are intended for measuring and analyzing site visits, više.
Facebook, personalized ads datr (2 years), fr (3 months), reg_fb_gate (session), reg_fb_ref (session), sb (1 year), wd (session) They are designed to measure sales performance and for customized ads, više.

Manage web cookies

You can choose not to use cookies. In this case, the page in your browser will not load a permanent cookie except your permanent / hot cookies. We will not be able to guarantee that you will be able to fully use the website.

To manage or delete cookies at the browser level, we recommend that you use www.aboutcookies.org for different browsers, where there are steps to manage or delete cookies in most browsers.